Kid Cudi –> my New Music Crush

I have a new music crush.

For those that don’t know a music crush is when I think someone’s music is totally dope & want to hear all of it! Some of my current and former music crushes include: Kanye West, Teedra Moses, Beyonce (at one point in time, god I was young! lol), Maroon 5, Lupe Fiasco, Vivian Green, & Raheem Devaughn to just name a few.

My music crush is Kid Cudi. I had heard of Kid Cudi a few months ago, my friend was all in hoopla over the song Day & Night ft. Jim Jones. Since I hate everything Jim Jones I refused to listen, but then later I heard Day & Night without him (Jones) and I loved it. But, I still didn’t pay Cudi too much attention. Then I was browsing online and someone said they can’t stop listening to his song, “Dat New New” so I gave that a listen, and liked it.

As I was doing my random scope for new music I came across this A Kid Named Cudi mixtape produced by Plain Pat & Emile and decided to give it a listen since I saw that his official album hadn’t dropped yet. I’m only about 10 songs in and I’m freaking in love. I love it. I love the whole vibe of it, its not too serious. He’s not trying to twist your mind up. The production is dope. I hope the rest of the mixtape continues in this fashion.

Now I realize I’m late as hell in the discovery of this mixtape but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I find it abundant in awesomeness. I mean his song Day & Night makes me want to consider a life of lonely stoner-ism. If you can make that sound appealing, then your good in my book!

I feel bad for being resistent for all this time. I had saw all these people following him on Twitter, but I refused to do so. And I had heard all these rumors about him saying he was retiring after one album so he had all these negative connotations in my head. I don’t really care what he does in his personal life as long as he makes good music. So keep doing your thing Kid Cudi musically & you won’t let me down. (And FYI I still won’t follow him on Twitter).

2 videos for your enjoyment:

Dat New New

Day & Night

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