Obsessed: Cleo’s Review

****Warning:   MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! ****

Everyone went to see this movie to see how bad Beyonce’s acting would be, and any one who tells you differently is absolutely lying. Ok, maybe not everyone, because there were plenty of Beyonce stans in there going crazy, but definitely the majority.  I would have simply waited for the bootleg DVD copy, but my friend is one of the latter so we had to go — on opening night at that. I wasn’t really happy with that, but I can say, I was pleasantly surprised with how mediocre her acting was. She wasn’t good, but she wasn’t overly horrible either. So that says a lot.

Plot: Truth be told, the plot wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Crazy woman sees unattainable (married) man and sets her sights on him. Of course, the girl needs very little leading on to know that she wants him. She fabricates a whole relationship in her head. Man doesn’t tell his wife, which makes the situation that much harder when the shit hits the fan. Its definitely a “Fatal Attraction.” And if I read one more comment about this movie being racist I’m going to die! Get over it, whats so wrong with showing a happy black couple? Why do black couples always have to be problem ridden? And yes, its very feasible to show a woman (who happens to be white) trying to get a man who is married. UGH get over it! ON with the review..

Now, I love me some Idris Elba, but I don’t feel like he was at his best in this role. He wasn’t strong when I wanted him to be strong. He yelled at the most inopportune moments.  For the rest of the night I would randomly yell, “Bitch Breathe” because it was funny. He just didn’t know how to handle the sly temp. (Ali Larter). I will say that him & Beyonce had seemingly good on screen chemistry,although it was hard to believe Beyonce when she was being sex kittenish with him. The good thing was about him was that he went topless 2 times. I love a sexy, topless chocolate man.

Ali Larter needs to start eating again. She looked so much thinner than she did back in her Final Destination day. But she did the role of crazy very well. She knew who to ask the right questions to, and how to prey on peoples weaknesses, like the young babysitter.  She was by far the most convincing character.

Bey. I’d say the worst thing about this film was the bad weave. Why? OF all the lace-fronts available did you find the one that looked like that? It reminded of the Beyonce weaves from the Survivor days.  Her country accent was very strong at times.  Or maybe it was her diction. It’s nothing that a GREAT acting coach can’t help you with. “You touched my chaild!!!” She did play the insecure role very well. She feared her husband would frolic around with yet another assistant since that’s how she came to be his wife.  Idris had to spend time telling her that she was the only one for him. Funniest part was when the heckler behind me said, “I wonder if that’s what Jay is telling her now.” Instant laughs all over the theater.

The big ta-da was the fighting scene. And dammit this just took too long to get to. There was all this buildup and tension rising for a 3 minute fight scene. Where the hell did she learn to kick like that? Its hard to shed the image that we all have of Beyonce to see her doing this part believably.  In order for me to believe this fighting Queen Bey would need to disappear off the face of the earth for about two years, and then come back doing a role like this.

And I was so ecstatic that there had been no Beyonce songs in this movie! That is  until the very end when Smash Into you came on. But I guess she wasn’t going to go ALL movie without it.  An that’s something you can do when you executive produce a movie. It was still longer than I expected to go without a song.

Overall, this is one of those good bad movies. The kind that makes you laugh when its not supposed to. I hope it doesn’t get a Razzie, because after all it did open at #1 in the box office with $28.5 million in sales! It’s not an F because I laughed but its definitely not an A.. it gets a C+, no Oscar nominations for this one!

One thought on “Obsessed: Cleo’s Review

  • onebaddboo

    I agree with you 97%!!!

    -Beyonce is a versatile person that should understand that acting is NOT her thing. Fans need keep it real and support her in her area of expertise: being a great performer and sometimes song writer.

    -Her weave was str8 garbage. No point in trying to change her look… we already know it’s her!!!

    -I know the movie was PG but goodness, the sexual inneuedos weren’t doing anything for me! 🙁

    -Would you REALLY put your husband out of the house that he pays for since you dont work for 3 months and expect him to come begging to come back? Ok, I’m done venting.

    Overall, all of the characters aside from Beyonce made the movie great, especially Ms. Crazy Lady.

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