Pontiac No More?

GM is said to be cutting the Pontiac Line. I can’t believe this. I officially think the people over at GM are idiots! How can you cancel the Pontiac line, but keep them big ass gas guzzling SUVs? Grand Ams are some HOOTTT cars & the Grand Prix isn’t too shabby itself.  I mean, come on, look at the body on that car. I wanted one of these so bad when they first released.  *sigh* This guy I had a crush on in high school, he used to have one of these. He used to look so sexy driving it, and all the young girls (myself included) would idly lust after him in the way that only teenage girls can. I wonder what ever happened to him….

Now, this comes AFTER GM will received an additional 2 billion in funds on April 22. Who is running GM? They  need to be removed from this sinking ship & replaced by someone who knows what the hell they are doing!! They made no attempts to make Pontiac cars more fuel efficient, which is something they must do with the federal funds.  I mean, I know it cost money to experient with that, and the Pontiac branded from them being muscle cars. But I do believe the technology is out there to make an energy effecient powerful car. And since you are using my tax dollars (along with real Pontiac owners) I think they owe us at least a shot.

Can someone please someone tell me how Fuel efficient a Yukon is?



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