Spreading Sunshine: Hot Links for 4/24/09

It’s such a lovely Friday here in Jersey! The sun is shining and I’m about to get off work, so that puts me in a lovely mood. So now its time to spread some sunshine all around! Here are a few links that piqued my interest today.. Enjoy Lovers!

1. Asher Roth & Nappy Headed Hoes? – Since I’m a Rutgers Alum & was a student when the Don Imus Story broke, I had to share this. Asher was an idiot if he reallllyy thought that would be funny. This makes me so happy I don’t listen to his music, lol.

2.  5 worst cds in 2009 so far – I mean, seriously, who really thought Bow Wow, Akon or For the Love of Ray J would really be good music??? Who are the other 2 you wonder…

3.  Common Sex Mistakes Ladies Make – BlogXilla breaks it down, are you making these fatal mistakes girls? I know I’m NOT!

And that’s it Lovers.. Have a great Friday afternoon!

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