Swine Flu: America’s latest epidemic!

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First there was anthrax.. then it was Bird Flu.. let’s not forget SARS and now we have Swine Flu. There is always some new viral outbreak to worry Americans and everyone else who’s willing to worry. Maybe I just think I’m so tough that I don’t really pay attention to this crap. Maybe its because I’m one of those young people who thinks they are invincible. Or because I just don’t believe the hype..

Either way, everyone is all up in turmoil about this damn Swine Flu. Now I admit, when I first heard the words I was like “welp, its good I don’t eat pork I guess!!” LOL. I know right, how wrong and ignorant. So to prevent other people from being ignorant, I want everyone to know this has NOTHING to do with actually eating pork.  I read that places were removing pork from the shelves, one place even removed Turkey Bacon which isn’t even pork! I guess the word bacon began to carry a negative connotation.

I can tell you how to avoid spreading germs and it doesn’t include those ugly surgeons masks that Heidi & Spencer have been wearing around the internet. WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS!! You don’t believe how many people don’t wash their hands or even use some hand sanitizer.   Sheesh.  Some peoples bodies are a breeding ground for germs. Also, if you are sick–Stay your ass home! No one wants to hear you coughing and sneezing at work all day anyway! Use a damn sick day.  If you’ve used them all, you might have to take the loss because its not worth it for you to come in and infect the rest of the office (or school!). If you don’t have a job that gives you sick days, you need to step your game up!

But for those of you with real concerns over this other, more professional people, over at CNN have answered your Swine Flu questions, here were my top 3 Q & A’s:

Could this new swine flu virus have been manufactured by bio terrorists? (are you serious??? terrorism??? did CNN make this question up??)

That’s the theory on some conspiracy theorists’ Web sites. But experts don’t believe it.

“If you were a bio terrorist you’d want to create something that’s a lot more deadly than this,” said Dr. Gerald Evans, an associate professor of microbiology at Queen’s University in Canada. “The problem with influenza is that the second you put it into people, it replicates and mutates very quickly. Even if you created the perfect bioweapon, within a few generations of transmissions, it wouldn’t do what you planned for it to do.”

Why are large numbers of people dying in Mexico, but not in other countries? (because Mexican health care sucks?? Why do you think everyone is trying to come to America??)

This is the big mystery doctors are trying to solve right now. Many infectious disease experts say it’s most likely a matter of numbers: with more illnesses in Mexico, there are also more deaths. Other explanations: that in Mexico people have, in addition to swine flu, other viruses that make for a more deadly combination than swine flu alone. It’s also possible that the virus infecting the rest of the world is a weaker version than the one in Mexico. Among the swine flu mysteries: Why only deaths in Mexico?

Should I be freaking out? (Um, why do you have to ask someone else about your reactions???)

A new virus spreading quickly around the world. Young, healthy people struck dead in Mexico. Should we all be panicking?

“Absolutely not,” said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Swine flu, he said, “is not spreading all that rapidly. Take the St. Francis School in New York. There’s been very little transmission from the schoolchildren to family members, and it certainly hasn’t spread throughout Queens.”

But, Schaffner added, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to swine flu. “We should be alert, keep up with the information coming out daily, and take control by being attentive to your hygiene. Wash your hands very, very frequently and avoid people who are coughing and sneezing.” (DDDUUUHHH, did you really need someone to tell you that??)

For more of the questions & other swine flu related articles check it out here

I also went to Twitter to see what people are saying, because, well people say the darndest things.. And here are some doozies..

@greedesgirl: Fuck you swine flu!   (hahaha, my sentiments!!)

@Pauly666: Swine Flu? It’s a load of Hogwash!  (trruueee!!)

@fifeslife: All of this over blown Swine Flu coverage is ridiculous. South Park needs a swine flu episode.  (either them or Family Guy!)

@ApexMI: RT @elranchero: So far 1 person in the US has died of Swine Flu, but 36,000 people died of regular flu. (via @captainmicahp) (damn.. very good point.. people don’t care about the norm though!)

@princessarizona: They should have ordered the borders closed once they heard about the Swine flu outbreak. And they do not want people to panic… (that would have been too much like a quarantine & hurt their travel revenue, but its what really concerned people would have done. But we need infected people so the pharmaceutical industry can  make more $$)

@rainbowtyedye I read about entire countries slaughtering pigs because of swine flu. What is this going to do to the price of my beloved bacon? (perhaps the best question raised! LOL … I’m sure other bacon lovers are thinking the same thing!)

This lady at my job just told me to make sure I get mask for my upcoming flight (2 weeks away). It never even crossed my mind to do so. See what these damn scares do to people. Now I really have to ponder if I should do that. FML!!

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