I had an Epiphany, and it was GREAT! Chrisette Michele Album Review

Chrisette Michele’s new album Epiphany drops tomorrow, May 5th and I want you all to know what your getting into before you click purchase in iTunes. I loved her first album and I loved her when I saw her in concert, so I was really looking forward to this new cd. I can’t say I’m disappointed with her sophomore effort, but this album is very different than her first one, and that isn’t a bad thing.

I AM, her debut cd was, in my opinion, full of positive songs. I mean I loved Be Ok, Let’s Rock, Like a Dream, Is this the way, and Good Girl. There weren’t too many songs that made you think of relationships/men in a bad way and I really thoroughly enjoyed it. But this cd, I feel has a more gloomy vibe. From the opening track, Epiphany you notice the difference in the attitude of the singer. Of the 12 tracks (I know, I’m pissed it’s so short too) I’d say half of them are songs about break-ups and the such. I wonder what sort of personal dealings CM was going through.

Also, I feel like its noticeable that she didn’t do all the writing on this cd. I feel that the writing quality is drastically different than her first cd, I think the songs lack the total amount of soul that the first had. Not that they aren’t good, just not AS good. I need to find someone who bought an actual cd so I can look at the jacket to see who wrote what, but that’s not important.

My favorite songs on the album:
Epiphany of course
Porcelain doll
Another One
Mr. Right

Honorable mentions: Playin our song, What you do..

5/12 tracks isn’t bad at all. I love the fact that not every song sounds identical and the production is good. I’ve probably listened to this cd about 5x since it first came into my possession and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her again in concert!

Overall .. 4/5

Oh.. and did I mention I think this girl is GORGEOUS?? Very beautiful girl!

3 thoughts on “I had an Epiphany, and it was GREAT! Chrisette Michele Album Review

  • I’m super excited for tomorrow, Chrisette and CiCi (not that Ciara’s hasn’t leaked all over the net) but still…I loved I Am I played it for the entire summer lol perhaps Epiphany will be the same way? *here’s hoping!*

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