Recession Jobs: Instant Glory-WRITE A TELL-ALL!

Everyone is always trying to be a star or some sort of “celebrity” to gain fame. What is America’s obsession with instant fame? And why do us non-famous people feed into the madness? I have been ruminating on the idea of everyone wanting to be a celebrity for about a week now and then it re-emerged today while listening to the radio, so when that happens I have to share my thoughts, I mean it would be WRONG not to, right??

If you don’t believe that everyone wants to be a pseudo-celebrity all you  have to do is look on Myspace and see everyone with hundreds of pics (half of them in their bathroom mirror) with captions like “please stop hating” or “you know you want it” and further proof can be found in the countless girls consistently going to clubs just to pose for pics on or or whatever Club Photographer is there that night. This is just getting out of hand. I blame people like Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian who are famous for being rich and don’t do anything but pose for pics. These girls (I’m sorry I can’t call all of them women) are trying to emulate that!  And then I blame people like Tila Tequila who’s claim to fame is having the most Myspace friends and then getting a reality show. Then you havepeople like New York from Flavor of Love. IF people stop watching and supporting this crap it would go away. So now everyone is trying to claim reality show fame or internet glory. Newsflash: you’re not a celebrity. Celebs don’t take their own pictures, others do! You’re just being an attention whore!

Next up, groupie book writers. I thought this was to be a craft stuck to by video slores who screw for screen time and scorned baby mothers, but apparently everyone thinks they deserve a tell-all.  Why do we care what position she screwed Little  Wayne in? Why do you care if he licked her back with a tongue ring?? Seriously? And they aren’t really writing it. They are describing these situations with as much detail as they can muster up and someone else is penning it.  I wish this blasphemy would stop. The last straw for me was this morning, I was listening to the radio and apparently some guy got beat up on the stage with Snoop Dogg and his crew…So now he wrote a book. WTF? So you want to write a tell all about getting your ass kicked? Seriously? Rick Ross’s baby mother has a book. Who cares??? So what you screwed the fat man and got knocked up?? I’m sorry. I will not spend my time or my hard earned money on this crap! This is a disgrace to REAL literature everyone. And this is why no one wants to read non-fiction anymore, its convoluted with all this mockery of real stories. Bitches wanna get rich for being a slut. Newsflash: now your a prostitute!!! Sex in exhange for money. Tsk Tsk

Sorry, I went off on a tangent.

Please help to stop the madness! I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want to “make-it” as a writer, blogger or whatever I decide to be a killer rock-star in.  But I’m going to work damn hard at it, and I’m going to value my privacy. I like being the person invited to things and having people wonder, “Hey, who’s she. Why is she here, what does she do?” Mystery is great!

2 thoughts on “Recession Jobs: Instant Glory-WRITE A TELL-ALL!

  • *standing ovation* I completely agree with you 100% maybe even 200% being famous for just being famous is so new…and all the people littering the VH1 network *rolls eyes* are ridiculous. Whats even MORE ridic is people actually WATCH this stuff. YouTube+MySpace=demise of pop culture. Its absolutely stomach-churning. I agree with you on the writing thing as well, I can’t bring myself to make a celeb blog just to “get in” or be cool…fail. Sooo much more rather be a mystery!

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