Shoegasm: Alejandro Ingelmo Mitra

alejandro mitra sandal

Oh HELL YES!!! This shoe is my shoe-fantasy. It’s everything I could ever want all wrapped up into one overly expensive shoe.  Alejandro Ingelmo’s Mitra sandal is fantaboulsly awesomely amazing!

This shoe has it all:

-5 inch heel
-Peep toe pump
-Mary Jane style
-Hidden platform

Please tell me what is NOT to like about this shoe? OMG. They have freaking ROSE GOLD detailing! I have a shoe similar to these, Steve Madden Reede, and now I feel jipped There is a reason shoes like this are so damn expensive ($795), so I don’t drain my savings account. Fan-FREAKING-tastic! I want this shoe in my life so much. But unfortunately I won’t have it unless it goes on a 90% off sale.. Sadness has engulfed me . . . .

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