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Inglourious Basterds Movie Poster

I love summer and not only for the warm weather and super tans I usually get. I love summer block buster movies. The biggest budget action films almost always come out in the summer months. In honor of the opening of summer season, I’d like to list the movies I’m looking forward to this summer, besides Wolverine. Ready??

1. Star Trek:  I’ve never been a Trekkie, but I love Zoe Saldana so I want to see her in action. Speaking of action, this movie looks packed with it. And YES I am only going to this movie to see her & the action. I can care less about Star Trek (please don’t kill me Trekkies!!)

2. Transformers: OMG loved the first one. Me & my former roommate probably watched this movie once a week while we lived together. Shia LeBeouf really did a good job in the role of Sam Witwicky. And I heard there is more time dedicated to actual Transformers in this one. 40 new mechanical delights to witness.

3. My Sister’s Keeper: While this isn’t an action packed movie I’m still looking forward to it. Its based on a Jodi Picoult novel, and while I’ve only read one of her books, 19 Minutes, I think if I read more of her I’d love her a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed 19 Minutes. I recommended it to all my friends because I felt the story was just that engaging.  Anyway, the previews for this look so good, even with Cameron Diaz. I’m prepared to be the sap that I know am.

4. Harry Potter & the  Half Blood Prince: Need I say more than Harry Potter? These movies are starting to get really dark & delightful. I’ve started reading the books, and those are good too. I will probably be finished all of them by the time this movie comes out, so I can be on my toes with anxiousness to see how they bring it to life.

5. Inglourious Basterds: Quinten Tarantino + Brad  Pitt + WW2. This movies been in the works for sometime and its finally here!! The Basterds are Americans who travel to Nazi occupied France to brutually kill Nazis.. and who can blame them? I’m looking forward to all the wonderful Quentin Tarantino violence. And dammit Brad Pitt is just one helluva an actor-that’s something you can’t deny him.

What movies are ou looking forward to this summer? Not sure what’s available then go to IMDB and check it out!!

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