Amerie, is that you?

I like, borderline love, Amerie. Loved her 1st album, All I Have and Touch wasn’t too bad either. I am always sad that she isn’t blowing up the charts. It bothers me more when people say she can’t sing (which I think she can) when people like Rihanna and Cassie continue to be on their most played list and we all know they are no talent hags… But we know we can’t listen to other people because, well some say Queen Bey can’t sing, and that girl can blow. She just needs to make real music.

Anyway, here’s some Amerie called “Dear John”, what you think? Me… I like it. I want Amerie to do her thing. Why should she let her barely released 3rd album (that I have) stop her? She still has fans, her team needs to get with it.

(Thanks to MissJia for putting me on!)

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