Book Review: Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood…

In case ya’ll don’t know Wendy Williams is, as she would call it, a friend in my head. I like to think we’re cool because we’re from the same small town area (Yay Monmouth county!!). I like to support her endeavors. I listen to her show when I can, I’ve read all her books, and I dvr’ed her show because it came on mid day when I was  working. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m a stan, but hey I like what I like, so who cares. Anyway, I didn’t even know the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media had a new addition to her Ritz Harper Chronicles until I stolled up in Borders the other day (which was odd in itself because I’m a Barnes & Noble kinda girl, but I digress).

Wendy, love ya no matter what, but this book blows. Seriously. I guess the best way to say how I feel is that the story line is not done the best it can be. There’s so much fluff. There is no nitty gritty. And she tries to get into too many characters heads. NEVER do that, IMO. Or if you do decide which characters you want to focus on and make it clear when you are leaving the thoughts of character A to focus on Character B. This caused much confusion. There were secondary characters getting monologues and shit they didn’t deserve. See, this is why I tried to get into publishing.. I think I’d make a great editor… sorry, back to the program..

I’m not even going to give too much away, because well there isn’t anything to really give away. The things that happened between this book & the last were barely filled in. The characters don’t have any real emotion to express. It’s all so fluff. I don’t thinkm this book was written for people who read outside of the “True to the game” and “Candy Girls”  books. I’m a quick reader and all, but I should not finish your novel in less than 3 hours. A day, sure that’s feasible, but 3 hours. I’d like my time & money back please.  If I had known this was a Simon & Schuster book I wouldn’t have saved my money and hollered at my BFF.
But I still love you Wendy!!

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