Eva Mendes: H.O.T.

Girl crush to the Nth degree. Eva Mendes has always been dope to me. I watched We Own the Night this weekend and she was in there, and I had to give her props yet again because unlike other Spanish actresses *ahem jennifer lopez* she doesn’t ignore her ethnicity in her characters *ahem Jessica Alba* She played the fiesty Puerto Rican girlfriend of the main character and she was smoking HOT! And then these pics of her Calvin Klein ad hit the net today.

eva mendes calvin klein



Calvin Klein doesn’t make bras that fit my hooters, but his ads are always provocative and sexy. They make me wish I could afford overpriced too small bras. LOL

2 thoughts on “Eva Mendes: H.O.T.

  • Wow… first, I love how your site pre-populated my info so I don’t have to enter it in each and everytime. Hmmm, does my site do that for you as well?

    Second, Wowzers she is HOTT!!!! lolll

    Lastly, I miss you mama!!! You wanna come to my party on July 3rd?

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