Get down & dirty w/ Apollo Heights

Check out my interview with Apollo Heights over on Glocally Newark. You guys better go check it out & let me know what you think! I’m so excited lovers!

Here’s an exerpt:

Apollo Heights is scheduled to perform for Thursday’s Launch event (I hope you guys have been commenting to win tickets!) so of course we think you might want to know more about them. Maybe you heard their cd, White Music for Black People or seen them perform before, but for me I’d never heard of them. I was extremely interested in speaking to them and getting to know their sound and inspiration.

Apollo Heights was formed by twin brothers Danny and Daniel and has grown since then. I won’t give you their concise history for that you’ll have to check out their myspace page, but I will tell you what I found out. This was definitely an interesting interview & I hope you enjoy!

Get over there NOW for the rest!

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