Leggings are NOT club wear…

UGH. Why must people ruin a good thing? I love a pair of leggings on a relaxing day. Rock them with a tunic and some flip flops and its all good. Or on a day when its raining so you can just throw on the rain boots and keep it moving. LOVE THEM!And even sometimes on my super skinny girlfriends they have rocked them out  @ the club or some other even and looked adorable.  But let’s be honest, leggings + club = FAIL! You just don’t do it, or if you do it do it right…

Exhibit A: HATED IT!!!

Homegirl has on like 3 different tones & materials. What’s with the random brown band in the midriff area? Sequins &  Satin? Seriously? I do know those are Steve Madden shoes spotted @ a Macy’s near you!

Exhibit B: HATED IT!

Trick, don’t you know you look like the Hamburglar??

While trying to find an outfit that flatters your ass, you could have at least avoided looking like a prison runaway. Sheesh!!!  And then you have a clutch splattered w/ the Gucci logo??? They should sue you!!! My granny would smack me if I tried to wear that out the house…

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