Let’s play the blame game!!


People kill me with their nonsense, celebrities especially (or in this case a wanna be celebrity).

The other morning I was listening to the radio getting dressed for work as usual and they announced Cassie was naming a culprit in the release of her nude pics (some people will do anything for a shot at fame). So I listened intently ready to hear the report.

This heffa, with her goat pitched voiced, had the nerve to say she blames Google and their lack of security for her leaked picture. Seriously? Or you could have a better password idiot. I mean, now we can blame anyone for things that go wrong? Well I have some too!

*clears throat*

First  would like to blame Honda for my speeding ticket. How dare you make a US car that has the capabilities of going up to 160 miles per hour knowing that there are no open roads for me to use it. Therefore I shall be sending my speeding ticket and holding you responsible for the increase in my auto insurance due to this driving infraction. If you feel the need to release a car that can do speeds in excess of the speed limits, please insert a manual of roads where it can be used to its full potential.

Next I would like to blame the internet for my lack of productivity. Do you really expect people to be productive when you’ve got all these distractions in place? You have games, contest, blogs, chats and more. I blame you for every deadline I am late for. I blame you for all the hours I’ve wasted. Please reimburse me for my time. I could be rich like you by now.

I mean, these are just a few, so if you have your own, just add them to the list.

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