Spreading Sunshine: 6/09/09

*Whew* it’s been awhile since I did this, so its going to be short & sweet.I promise, solemnly swear to do better lovers! I doooo!!!

1. 1st up is this funny video that takes some 70s audio and puts it over a Destiny Child video. Hilarious!!(via Sofurious)

2. Ashanti in the Wiz. Old News, but I did find this link while over @ Kitty’s of her signing.  She does her thing, but I’ve always been a semi-fan of Ashanti. Her 1st album was ssooo goood!!

3. OK, this isn’t really spreading sunshine, but um.. Am I the only one who can careless about Maxwell’s big come back? I’m so over it. People are going bananas. Personally, I can never listen to a WHOLE Maxwell cd. I dl’ed them all because people bigged him up so much, they have been deleted. Sorry.

Ok Lovers,

Catch you later !!

One thought on “Spreading Sunshine: 6/09/09

  • onebaddboo

    OMG the Destiny Child video is TOOOOO funny!!!!! I’ve watched it like 3 times already!!!

    And it’s funnier because it has a ring of truth in it..I heard Papa Knowles won’t let Beyonce and Latoya perform at the same place (and guess who the show will choose…Beyonce of course). It’s craziness…

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