Chris Brown is sorry, in case you missed it!

Dear Chris Brown,

I don’t care if anyone else accepts your apology. I do. I feel that no matter what you tried to do to rectify the situation, at any period in time, you were going to face criticism and possible further backlash. I am placing no blame on either you or Rihanna (although I do not think she’s completely guilt free) for what happened in that car. I know that only you two know what really happened. I believe if you did hit her, which you don’t deny, it was with probably cause. I firmly believe that if a woman hits a man, she should expect to get hit back. It’s playground rules, you get punched–punch back.

Sorry, but I digress. I think your apology was well versed and done well. People may outcry over the “scripting” of it, but I know that it needed to be that way. Anyone who believes that any sort of speech isn’t scripted is special and doesn’t deserve their comment voiced.

I hope that you can get past this and continue on your musical journey. I wish you well, and hope that you destroy that weird MJ tribue shirt you were wearing. It was more of an eyesore than the standard lawyers office blinds in the background of the video.




I know CB will never read this cuz I’m just a little old blog in blogville. But let’s go on the hope that he seeks out a letter from a not crazed 13 year old, then maybe I might get read… just maybe!

2 thoughts on “Chris Brown is sorry, in case you missed it!

  • In the words of the Honorable Ike Turner, “yeah you sorry alright, you the sorriest mutha phucka I done eva seen”

  • but let me also add that, if he had better sense (or at least a better publicist) he would have done this months ago and in an interview with Barbara Walters…

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