Cleo Reviews: Sims 3 – my ultimate distraction

OK. I am so sorry for the lack of posts, I blame it on The Sims 3. Ever since I got that game I have been glued to it! It’s so bad, I even travel with it! I have it installed on my laptop and on a desktop at Mr. B’s house. Bad..


So being that I’ve spent so much time getting attached to this game – its been a month already- I can give you my quick review. I wish I knew how to make those cute Youtube Sim videos to give you an idea of my Sims. They are adorable. Well, besides that one funny looking daughter (we’ll just ignore her today! LOL).


It’s really true, your Sims really can do so much more than they could before.  I can go catch a movie at the theater in town. I can go on date to a restaurant without the loading screens, which is probably the biggest and best upgrade. I also have a little control over what they do at work. I can make my Sim slack off, work hard, chat with co-workers or suck up to their boss. Another cool thing is when your Sims are exercising their free will, they actually do things they need to do. They won’t read when they have to pee.

OH, and you can now place things caddy corner. You could never do that before. For some items in buy mode you have greater flexibility in making them custom, and you can make your furniture match if your that creative.

You can have leftovers! I know, how cool!! And the sims get mad if you waste good food. It has a negative impact on their mood! HA! And you can grow your own food. Gardening is a vital resource for Sims!


I don’t like the rotating option sometimes. In the past you could scroll over to another part of the lot by moving your mouse over, now you can’t. You can rotate around a central point, usually a Sim.

This is sort of a pro and a con – you have to individually buy items for all your recipes AND your bookshelves. It’s cool to be able to buy books, but you can no longer just click on a bookshelf and study mechanical, cooking, or cleaning. Depending on the attributes you’ve set for your sim they may come with an introductory book, but not fully stocked. And with shopping. Not only do you  have to pick the food, which is cool, but you have to drag and drop it to the fridge. This task is pretty hard on laptop sometimes. I’ve found a stray apple or onion on the floor occasionally.

Also.. I could NOT get my Sims to get married. The propose marriage option never came up, not even after 3 kids! What the hell kinda 2009-family breakdown shit is this?? I got illegitimates all up and through!! Work on it EA!

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