Fashion Friday Continues: Christian Dior Fall 2009 spotlight


christian dior fall collection 2009

Christian Dior is killing the Fall 2009 styles with these shoes. I love how the heel reminds me of the tusk shape. These were my favorite from the collection.  I think I love the grey so much because I have so many black shoes. I love the bootie concept and the cutouts. While it may seem like a lot, I can imagine me rocking these: Black shirt, blue jeans, these shoes. H.O.T. After all, the key to rockin a shoe like this is to keep it simple so the shoe steals the spot light.While these won’t make my wardrobe this fall, I will be searching for a close resemblence (aka department store knock-off).

More can be found here:  NEW Shoe Blog!

I think I have new favorite site to check out. Shoes make my heart skip a beat I tell you!

One thought on “Fashion Friday Continues: Christian Dior Fall 2009 spotlight

  • Dior is definitely my 2nd favorite Shoe designer…Guiseppe is #1, the Dior, then McQueen (omg, his shit is artwork), then Louboutin. *sigh* I just want to get all these degrees then build a quaint little house with a 2500ft2 closet.

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