Reality TV vs. Bloggers, is this a war?

Last night I was flipping through the channels and came across an episode of The Wendy Williams show. I love Wendy, I think she’s great, however on her show she had someone named NeNe from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t watch that show, so I really didn’t know who she was.

I thought she was amusing until she went on to speak negatively about bloggers. I took offense as I am considered a “blogger.” While her advice is true, you shouldn’t believe everything you read, she needs to NOT clump all bloggers into the same category. I do not consider myself a celebrity blogger and if I was, you being on reality TV does NOT qualify you as a celebrity.  You should be flattered that someone took enough interest to write about you. All celebrities should. You should remember that fans keep you in your beloved status. Without fans you would be the next has been. Does this mean people should write defamatory comments? No, but it does come at the price of fame. Blame the public for being so concerned with how the “untouchables” live.  I wish the paparazzi era would end. Frankly, I have no interest in posting pictures and stuff from events I’ve never set foot on and probably won’t any time soon.

I found it quite amusing that someone who’s 15 minutes come from forging fake friendships on TV had the nerve to say that. Reality TV is a fake as it gets. She could have said, don’t believe what you read on some gossip sites. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but I still was offended. It’s not just her though, its a lot of people. But damn, reality tv folks need to just calm their asses down!!

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