UP Close and TOO personal with Trey Songz

I was on facebook yesterday and someone posted this link to an interview with Trey Songz. I happen to like T. Songz (007-11 if you’re familiar with the Ocean’s 7 crew) but not in a crazed fan kinda way. There were mixed reviews on the facebook like about the interview with Honey Mag, some felt he let too much out in the interview. I disagree. This is the stuff that his fans want to know. SO, here are some highlights:

Let’s jump right in it. You are a proud supporter of porn?
Yeah. I think porn is cool.

Any recommendations?
Any recommendations on porn? Go to 4228, xxx.videos.com and freeporn.com. I don’t visit them frequently, but that’s three different sites. How could you go wrong?

You prefer free over paying?
Not necessarily. Sometimes I pay for it in the room. Because when I was younger I used to sneak and buy DVDs.

What’s your favorite type?
I think that porn is a way to broaden your horizons as far as sex is concerned. I remember when I first started watching porn my favorite porn star was Lacey Duvalle, Lindy Foxx, and I like the free will of porn all in itself.

And what are your favorite things to use in the bedroom?

My tongue and my penis (laughs).

How much does your own sex life influence your music?
A lot.

Do you play your music while you get it in?
Nah, I have before, yeah.

That’s a little cocky.
Is it? Think so? I mean so many other people are having sex to my music, why can’t I? I play music. Not all the time. Like I don’t have to have music to have sex. Because sometimes I like silence so I can hear her.

What’s your favorite song to have sex to? Or top five 5 sexiest songs?

“Greatest Sex” R. Kelly, “Fuck You Tonight” Biggie. And a lot of these songs depend on who it is, like if I’m making love to somebody and it’s somebody special, I’ll play like some Prince “Insatiable.” And actually I had a playlist — a sexual playlist. Where is it? I put it on my iPod.

Okay you look for that. In order of importance love, sex, money, or fame?

It would be love, money, fame, sex.


This is just a portion of the in depth interview with Honey Mag, definitely here over there to view the rest if your a Trey Songz stan fan.

I thought it was funny. I haven’t been to my girl @JessDubb‘s blog in awhile, and when I was catching up I saw she had posted a blog about T. Songz. I guess his time really is now …

One thought on “UP Close and TOO personal with Trey Songz

  • I feel like I know too much about this man’s whole life…like…is that cool now? to overexpose ourselves so that the media doesn’t get the chance to? #SureFireFailMethods smh…I’m old I guess.

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