Fashion Friday 10.9.09: Coach Rain Boots

Rain Boots (Wellingtons, in case you missed it last year).  I was addicted to these things, so obsessed with having a pair. It was mission to find some.  Apparently this year, I haven’t outgrown that love for them.

These are cute black &white Pixy boots from  Coach. I lusted after a pair of Coach rain boots last year when I had some extra cash, since everyone knows Macy’s almost NEVER has Coach on sale. I tried them on, and of course, my calves were too big. Yes they fit, but there was no room for jeans or anything underneath. And of course, if its raining you want your jeans tucked into your boots. I eventually got a pair of stripped boots from Target (Don’t deny Target is the GREATEST store EVER!!). These would go great in my life. You can find these on for $108 if you’d like, or you can find your local Coach/Macy’s to purchase.

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