New ways to scam college students!

Newest Scam for college kids: being target for “illegal downloads. ” An apparently bogus collections agency that sent out letters to Bucknell students demanding $500 to settle the students’ alleged illegal downloads. Seriously! That’s crazy. Imagine that 10 people actually paid that $500. That’s an easy 5k for some scammer. TAX FREE!!! And who is really going to contest that email they get about illegally downloading something?

Scam!! It’s a scary word and a scary practice. Scammers are ruthless, they don’t care how they get you, as long as they get you.  And as time goes on, those scams just get more elaborate.

Other scams for college Student’s are pretty common: Fake scholarship promises, crazy student loans, diploma mills, and other websites that sell you cheating supplies (which is just stupid!) Why would you spend THOUSANDS of dollars on education, just to spend more money faking it through? This is why the value of a college education is dropping, and most jobs require Masters Degrees now. Value your education people.

For more reads on the 6 scams that target most college students check it out!

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