Fashion Friday: The 13!!

Fashion is so much more than just what you wear.

It’s so NOT fashionable to rock the lastest Christian Louboutin’s and you go home to Joe’s Apartment. Keep your home just as nice as you keep yourself. Today, I want to talk bedding, more specifically DUVET (pronounced “due-vay”) covers.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with findng one. It’s a great way to make your comforters last, especially if its a white one. Think of a Duvet cover as a pilowcase for your comforter!

Get ready, get cozy, and get with it!
barbara  barry silver duvet coverBarbary Barry Duvet cover is sheek. I adore the colors, the pattern on the front and reverse. It’s soft, 100% cotton and it has piping along the edges. It also has hidden buttons so that your comforter stays out of view. I think the silver is a nice way to brighten up the bedroom since its not too loud or bright.

This baby can be found at for $312.50.

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