Picture of the Day: New Deal

I want to try out a new thing. Pictures are worth 1000 words, right?

Catholic banner

Why are Catholics so obsessed with abortion? I really can’t get with it.  Choice. It’s all about Choice. Same religion that doesn’t let grown men get married and ignores all the news stories about Priests molesting little boys. #organizedreligionisacrock.

3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: New Deal

  • Well…speaking as a Catholic…you kind of can’t be “Catholic” and pro-abortion. Thats because our religion says that sex is for procreation and abortion kind of prevents that. Note that Catholics also don’t believe in birth control. Sex is for makin babies! So you can’t “prevent” miracles from heaven. Thats technically. That being said…there are plenty of Catholics, self included, who believe and practice otherwise. That doesn’t make us nut-jobs just faithful in what we believe. *shrug* I think there are nuts everywhere who skew beliefs to fit their causes. Trust me I get you, but…this is one of those I gotta say eh…he kind of has a point?
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