Spreading Sunshine 11.3.09

Happy Election Day! I hope everyone went out to vote in their local elections! These are the MOST important, and many fail to realize that!

Happy Quarter Century to my BFF forever!! Love you sister girl!

And now on with the flow!

Prelude: Chris, baby, What are you wearing.. I hope this is a rough sketch. Don’t be a part of the skinny jeans epidemic!!Or even so, I could get over that, but this album cover has no cohesiveness. You can’t have the punk rocker guitar skinny jean look, spraying those little bugs with that little can of RAID. The graffiti should be bigger & bolder, and lose the shades!!

chris brown graffit leak

1. AHH!! The epidemic of hysteria regarding Swine Flu totally has flown right over my head. I don’t get hysteric about too much of anything, and this is one of them. I have never had a flu shot, nor do I really plan to get one now. Swine or otherwise. And frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it. I loved this blog on it! Check out Kimmie!

2. Seriously? Rihanna is Woman of the Year? What has she done beside walk around dressed like a hooker enjoying the sympathy given to her by the people who think she was “victim” of domestic violence. Her style? Credit her stylist. Her songs- credit Ne-Yo and the Dream. What a waste of page space. Seriously Glamour – Do Better. (via egotisticegotism)

3.I too LOVE Tim Burton. Him & Johnny Depp make sweet melodies I always enjoy. They do no wrong to me! I’d never seen any of this stuff though. I feel like I just got my Christmas Gift!

4. This was dope. Boys 12 as young as 12 saying they don’t like black girls really. The situation isn’t dope, but her experience and relating to it was great. A long, but worthwhile read if you as me. Part 1 | Part 2

I have a few more things I might save for later, I need to read it over a little more thoroughly! Hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget:   GO VOTE!!

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