Fashion Friday: 12.11.09 Time’s Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas

In honor of Fashion Friday today’s Time Top 10 List is for Fashion Faux Pas in 2009. Some of them you can’t really be surprised, like the #1 was an Olsen twin. Her outfit looked like an acid trip.
My favorites from the list:

lady_gaga worst dressed time pink tightsI’m sure Lady Gaga will make several of these lists over the season because while her outfits are definitely amusing & eye catching, they are definitely on the off side. But um, she has the Dora the Explorer hair cut. OMG my girl crush because of her FAB body Amber Rose made the cut w/ Kanye from the VMAs. You know, where she wore a skin tight jumpsuit in nude snakeskin?

kanye_amber rose worst dressed VMA video music awards mtv
I’m saying, while it may not have been the best material, her body looks AWESOME!!

sharon_stone_time worst dressed 2009

And another highlight, Sharon Stone bringing up the rear @ number ten. Doesn’t she make at least one of these list every year?? I thought this was bedroom wear gone bad.

Check the rest of the list over on TIME

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