Get Your tickets while they’re HOT!

Dec 1 2009. Wow, this year flew! The worst thing about this year is now all the countdown shows and Best Of shows that will be making their rounds.AND all the good TV shows go on hiatus! This is why I have a stash in the DVR for times like this.

Well, I have my own personal countdown. I want to do a few things before 2010, or in early 2010. I thought living closer to NYC in 2009 would make me do more things there, but then I was strapped for $$. But I do want to check out a few plays. So, I checked out to see if their prices were good.Why did I choose acheapseat? If I am going to go to a show or concert, or anything I want really good seats. No nosebleeds for Cleo.I want the best seats in the house, and sometimes other sites don’t always have them (probably because sites like theirs buys them up to resell them).

Well, I don’t know what you consider good, but I just can’t see myself spending over $200 bucks for Jersey Boys Tickets (don’t ask, but I’m a geek that way!) I’m a cheap skate.  I k now, that doesn’t really match (best seats + cheap) but this is why I frequent sites like these. I’m always trying to score a deal.

So, I moved on to my next thing, which I knew would be expensive, Addam’s Family Tickets. I mean, who can resist seeing Wednesday in all her gothy glory?*sigh* That isn’t even showing until March, and the tickets for that were from between $160-245. Maybe someone will love me enough to snag me some tickets for my birthday *ahem May 21 ahem*

But even so, the creme de la creme of alllllll the show I want to see is Cirque du Soleil. And I know those tickets are crazy expensive, and the fact that its not really in my target area. I still want to see it though! How can I justify buying Cirque de Soleil tickets in VEGAS? Please, tell me how? I need to see them before I grow old!

Anything you guys want to do before we enter 2010?? I mean, there ar ea few things I want to, like get a new tattoo! I did accomplish living on my own, no roomate. I also paid off my credit cards (again), and of course starting this site and getting the layout out.

But this year was not without trouble too, but we’ll address that later!

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