Time’s Top 10 Tweets of 2009.

Top Ten Tweets of 2009. I dare you to say Top 10 Tweets 10 times fast.

Today’s installment of Time’s Top 10 is the Top 10 Tweets. I definitely think there were probably more interesting tweets from less popular figures, but I guess those don’t make the cut. *sigh*

According to Time There are some of the Top 10:

Ashton Kutcher: “Victory is ours!!!!!!” For his race against @CNNbrk for the first to 1 million followers. Sad day when @aplusk is getting more followers than the news. But then again, the news is full of entertainment stories now, so I guess this is accurate.

@kapanak – June 19  “Only 10 hours left until the Iranian people finally disobey their dictator. History is watching. Let’s make it proud.”  This is what Time had to say about this tweet from June, after the Iranian re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
” Beyond celebrities and status updates, this was Twitter’s real moment of 2009: 140 character glimpses of life, fear and death on the streets of a country in turmoil.” And this is why Twitter is so hard to explain to people who think its just for following friends and saying your every thought. It’s really more.

Cory Booker
– Newark, NJ’s mayor made the list! “Pres is inviting Conan & I to come have a beer & try 2 settle this. This could be a teachable moment” Um.. I had to highlight the fact that someone from my great state is on the list, even if it was due to some blah beef between Newark’s mayor and Conan O’Brien. Cory Booker is definitely after some higher aspirations. hhhmmm…

Check out the rest of the list including tweets from Oprah, Shaq & Tracy Morgan.

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