Top 10 Lists Rock My World

I had said that the thing I hate most about this time of year were the TOp XXXXX List’s you’ll see appearing everywhere. But I neglected to mention there is an exception to that: Time’s Top 10 Lists. There are so many to choose from! They have list for the Top 10 Albums to the Top 10 Worst Business Deals. I LOVE Time magazine’s lists, even the few they do during the course of the year.

I think for the next few weeks I’m going to highlight a few of these lists, starting with Today’s Top 10 T-Shirt Worthy Slogans. After all, who doesn’t love a mildly politically and socially amusing Tee??

kanye west finish tee
Kanye’s MTV debacle isn’t going to die anytime soon. It’s just not. It’s going to be funny for a long time. Deal with it!

tiger woods kobe special tee

Tiger just made the 2009 lists. He is definitely having the quickest fall from grace. Is this Golf’s biggest scandal ever??

moss kate skinny feels teeI can imagine this to be true!

For  the rest of the Top 10 T-Shirt Worthy Slogans check them out HERE. I am coming back tomorrow with another list. What should it be? Top 10 Albums or Top 10 Tweets. I’m kind of gearing towards the Top 10 Tweets!

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