Who made these new ‘dating’ rules??

Me and my BFF had a great conversation last night about dating issues. We talked about how dating was so much easier when you’re younger (let’s say around 19) than when your slightly older. And its true, a few years make a huge difference.

One example we said was that when your 19 you kinda have (for lack of a better term) low standards. You meet a guy and find out he lives at home in his mom’s basement. You’re cool with that, because chances are that at 19 you don’t have your own place. You don’t care too much if he has a car, because you may or may not have one. You might be OK with  date that included “hanging out in my basement and watching movies.” Fast Forward to 25. If you meet a guy who says “Yeah, I live in my mom’s basement.” You might have some questions as to why.

Some people have valid reasons for living home. I know that I’ve encouraged some of my friends who have been considering moving home to do so. Hell, if I could move back  home and save some money, I would. But if you meet this possible date and they say they still live at home, always lived at home, their mama takes care of them, and they have no ambition. That might pose a problem. You need all the evidence before you judge. It is wrong to write someone off as soon as you hear “home.”

At 19 you may have been more willing to communicate with someone via text. You may  have been more willing to invite people over to your house. When I was 19 and in college, it was perfectly fine to meet someone, invite them over to the dorm and we hang out. Either in the communal area with my floor mates or in the room with my roommate. Now, I don’t think its acceptable to invite someone over to your house all willy-nilly. Guys, (not all just some that I have come across) seem to think that if I’m inviting you over to my house we are going to partake in some hanky-panky. No, not gonna happen. At least not with me.

Another thing that is different as you get older is how you communicate. When I was 19 I never left voice mail if I called you. I mean, even sometimes now I don’t leave one, but IF I perhaps do leave you a voice mail and you return my phone call via text. FAIL!! I will not call you again until my phone call is returned. If this is early on in our ‘courtship’ I might never call again.

True Story: I met this guy. He seemed fairly nice enough and I was in a rush, and I didn’t really know if I wanted to talk to him. So I took his number. So like a day later I decided to call. I called and left a voice mail. The next day I received a text from this person, and not just a regular text – sprint picture mail. FAIL!! SUPERFAIL!! I don’t need you sending me an old ass photo of your self saying “good Morning” all you had to do was return my call. In case you need to know. I never called back. He never returned my call and he presented himself as a lame-o . LOL

What is wrong with some of these new dating ‘rules’? I am not willing to give up faith. Someone out there knows how to do it right. I know they do.

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  • GoldinPhoenix

    Well, Cleo, as you should note, we are in a recession. So if someone tells you they are living at home, don’t think of them as lazy and shiftless, delve deeper. . .Then, if the negro says, “I got 2 baby mama’s, and no job” when he comes to pick you up for your date in his mom’s minivan, then you should fake the mumps and leave his ass outside.

    I do agree with the voicemail/text point. That don’t even equate. Especially if the text they send you responds to you voicemail. Why didn’t you call me back? You don’t have any minutes? Get off that T-mobile s#!t and get a real plan.

    You couldn’t talk? Then why did you even put your phone to your ear to hear my message?

    . . .Yeah, if you do that, you’re all eff-ed up in the game. . .

  • LOLOL ohhh Cleo… when I was 19 idk that my standards were any lower, but i WAS more willing to entertain those who I knew didn’t meet my standards (if that makes sense). They weren’t getting a name in my phone, a title, nada…now if I were single, I wouldn’t even entertain them. That’s wasting MY time.
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Clean =-.

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