Alice Smith concert @ HighLine Ballroom

Last week I had the great opportunity to go check out Alice Smith at Highline Ballroom in NYC. I’ve seen maybe about 3 concerts at Highline and its always a great time, I love it because tickets are almost always under 30 bucks. Anywho, I was GEEKED to see Alice Smith. Never heard of her? You need to.

People kept asking me to describe her sound, and I just found the best way to say it was eclectic. It’s r&b, bluesy, and jazzy all in one. She weaves many genres. Her voice is so dope to me. She has some range on her. I guess I’d say that if you like Amy Winehouse, you might like her. I dig her 100X more than Amy though, and I love Amy, so that says a lot.

Here’s some of her material:

Woodstock is one of my fav songs!

Fake is the New Real is also a must listen.

Her song Dream was featured on an episode of Entourage before. I remember watching and as the show was going off, I was like “wwaaiiit a minute, I k now this song!”

Here is my first ever  youtube video. It’s kind of loud and you might hear someone (not me *i swear*) singing in the background.

I cannot wait for her new album. She performed several songs off of it at the concert and it really sounds good so far.

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