Cleo Reviews: Alice in Wonderland 2010

In case your new to this, you should know I have been looking forward to Alice in Wonderland for quite some time. Way back hen, in NVvember of 2008, i first came across the images on Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and began patiently waiting.. Then I came across these real scans .. and was in LOVE still. I watched every preview and eagerly anticipated my Imax 3D experience.

So this weekend I did it. I sat there in front of a row of 8-year olds and watched Tim Burton bring it. And I think it was brought! Some reviewers online said that it wasn’t good. I disagree. I think I had extremely high hopes for this movie, being the ultimate J.Depp and T.Burton fan. I know that because it was a Disney movie it couldn’t be as creepy as I’d like it, but it was good.

Storyline: We all know that Alice falls down a rabbit hole into Wonderland where she battle the Red Queen .. The story doesn’t change, except that in this adaption, Alice has been to Wonderland before. She’s 19 and not 6. Alice was my least favorite character. She was so … insolent. She looked great though. I totally adored the dresses they styled her in. This was my favorite:

alice in wonderland red dress uhm umbridge wardbrobe costume movie

Besides the fashion, She was just so blah. She didn’t add anything extra to Alice. The other actors carried this movie.

I loved Helena Bonham Carter in her role as Red Queen. I don’t understand why she had such a huge head. I do wish they would have elaborated on that. Johnny Depp was creepy. I don’t know how I want to describe his character. He definitely was ‘Mad’. His make up was flawless! And the Dance (you have to watch the movie to see this) was like WTF. I think that that was odd. I loved Professor Snapes Caterpillar. He was creepy. His voice is so creepy. Snape is a win in my book. Anne  Hathaway’s White Queen was good. Her role was small, but well played. Her gliding everywhere kind of irked me. I kept thinking, ‘Why is this B!tch gliding all over the place?” LOL. OH, and the Jabowokee? I thought he was really out of place for this movie. His ugliness was just soo .. un Wonderland. HE should have been more colorful and more of a slickster fighter. IDK .. I’m sure he’ll make a cool action figure though.

All in all this film was entertaining to watch. Not Tim Burton’s or Johnny Depp’s best. But good nonetheless. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m going to read the book, because apparently some critics out there are upset about this adaptation. I want to see what all the fuss is about.

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