Kelis, please step away from the scissors!

I happen to one of the few American’s who is into Kelis … Or at least I used to be. I ADORED her album Kelis Was Here. In fact, many songs off that album are still getting heavy rotation. I actually BOUGHT that cd. I also happen to think Kelis is a really pretty woman. So this is why it pains me to see her looking so … BAD these days!! It’s like she is just trying wayyyy too hard to be unique.

Look at these pics, this is the Kelis I like:

(yes, I really took the time to create a collage of Kelis looks.. and I don’t have Photoshop!!! I won’t reveal how I made it happen lol)Kelis was HOT in these pics!! Exuding Sexxxyy!! But now.. just stamp a big old FAIL sticker on her!! I

The best picture on these is her Acapella promo shot .. What is with this dead possum hair? And why Grey?? People with  Grey hair don’t want it! Kelis, I need you to get on the good foot. ASAP!!I mean, is this what a bad marriage will do to you?? Say it ain’t so Joe !!

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