Something Borrowed …

Another post from my Myspace days … I don’t write on my Blackberry like I used to. I am disappointed after the Spring guy lost all my memos for me when he replaced my new phone. He assured me everything would transfer over. I guess he thought my only concern was my contacts. Anywho, it just goes to show that you can do wonderful things on a blackberry and I try to use all the feature. Hope you enjoy this one too!

Bored one day… typed this on my crackberry… its a work in progress.. but aren’t they all??

Days go by whispering images of you and I
Mental flashbacks creating a colorful canvas
Captured what we had as an eternal moment in time
Before it happened
Before we ruined it
Prior to the pretenses
Prior to the punctured ego
Memories of happiness take me to glee
Amid a sea of uncertainty
Love and lifes twist
Created a tangle of me
Sold me solid gold plated dreams
In lieu of platinum promises
Romance killed by lusts deception
made me a mystery to most
The one who needed to see me clear
Clearly had a visual obstacle
Blind to my potential
You’re so close but infinitely miles away
On spaces continuum of time you are here
In this year doing these things
With these folk
And I am with Victorian royalty
Awaiting you to show up to court
But at some moment you depart
And I descend from dreams
To face my reality

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