Something old …

I took a trip down memory lane by visiting my old myspace blog. I thought I’d share some of this stuff. It’s mostly creative writing pieces, poetry actually. I plan on getting back more into writing stories and poetry soon. To reap the rewards, I have to work hard. I’m learning this slowly.

None of these were written after 2008…

Writing prompt 215

Use the following metaphors in a poem: a pitcher of bitterness, a taste of sacrifice, a house of delight

Preparing my recipe for love
a heaping serving of happiness
I gather my ingredients from the heart
Prepared to leave out ingredients that
Could weigh this down
I start with a sprinkle of laughter
because with you smiling comes so easy
Next I add a cup of lust
for with no attraction we are merely friends
and you are more than that to me
I leave out the pitcher of bitterness
because everyone needs an edge to them
but past pain doesn’t belong here
we have to make our own hypnotical history
but I can’t leave out the lesson
without skepticism I’m just
blind fully following the unknown
the fall is easy, landing is what scares me
I mix carefully and taste
but its not perfect just yet
something is missing
I grab a taste of sacrifice
Nothing too heavy to resent this later
but I know there are things that need to be left in the past
and nothing is too much for what I feel here
a continual whisk shows me this isn’t quite
ready for approval
My senses seek satisfaction at your expense
Whats right for me will be right for you
as our future hinges on truth and respect
I have to make sure this is what I want to bring here
last i add a house of delight
that’s what we we’ll build from
Powerful pillars of praise for each other
will stand where there were once
shreds of uncertainty
I hope you have the appetite
for what I’m serving
If not I’ll leave it with you
for you to drink from later
because while I may not be here to see
when you have your sips
You’ll always remember the recipe for my love

More will follow in a later post.

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