You & Me must never part

Dubb sent me a GREAT read today about long distance love, I absolutely LOVEEEDD it .. my response: When am I gonna get my e-love? Of course I was joking (i think) but I started thinking of my e-life. And while I haven’t found the e-love of my life like others (barf barf) I have found an E-BFF!! yes, I’m talking about @Jess_Dubb, who I have to stop myself from referring to as Dubb IRL .. because my friends side-eye me like who the fuck is Dubb?? *does this make me weird??*

Me & Dubb’s relationship has progressed sort of like the couple who I read about today. First we were following each other on twitter, and through our tweets & @ replies discovered the other was hella cool. We also checked out each others blogs and commented on each other .. Eventually some emails were exchanged and then we became BBM friends. Now, our BBM relationship didn’t jump off right away .. there were some short convos at first. We were kinda feeling each other out I think, then it later  progressed to full on events


Lemme back up .. there were some Google Wave 3somes with @HollywoodHeat (Google wave came & flopped huh??) and that was my first 3 as well (Dubb blogged it, check it out) ok .. so BBM progressed to daily BBM convos. We talked about so many different things, relationships, school, random shit, family, etc., Then we started Gchatting during the work day because I mean, we both work and we can pretend we are doing work if we are facing a computer screen (#imjustsaying).. and then it happened last week, We talked on the phone *shocked face* Idk, maybe Dubb didn’t like my phone voice, since she hasn’t called me since ?? (I kid, I kid, BBM suits me just fine!)

And a few weeks back I slowly started planning my trip to ATL this summer.. and Dubb shall be my tour guide .. and when she comes to the Dirty Jerz this summer, you best believe we shall play in NYC and have a blast. And we’re both looking at graduate schools on the West Coast. Me + Dubb on the strip w/ the sun on our backs blogging it up .. Yup .. sounds fun!

Maybe I got what I needed online, just not how I expected??

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