Yup, I’m using you for dinner

I began to follow @CerealDaters one day after a #FF (Follow Friday for non-twitterers) suggestion from someone [I think I’m the last person who actually clicks on those] but it was a great click. I love this blog. So real .. and being a newly single gal (is 5 months still new? ) its great stuff. This one in particular was something that summed me up. I tend to not go out with someone if I can automatically tell I’m not interested and I can tell very easily too .. But then I said, you know what, just go. Get some free dinner. Then I came across this post “Six reasons Why Dating for Dinner is OK” on Cereal Daters … FREAKING AWESOME!! I love when my thoughts are brought to fruition by someone else, lol.

 Thanks guys for showing me I’m not alone, and that its not entirely selfish. My fav line from the article comes from #6:

 Who the eff cares? I take myself far too seriously. I won’t be the first girl to go out for the hell of it and I won’t be the last. I’ve got all these years of pointless dating to catch up on

To read the article, and see what the other 5 reasons are, check them out: Cereal Daters

But if you don’t want to click, here are the 6 reasons ( you will have to click for the GREAT reasoning and blurbs for each one )

1. Men need chances

2. Men lie, cheat, and just do awful things to women

3. It’s not really dishonest if you’re gettign something in return

4. They did it in the 30s!

5. I’m Bored

and #6 again:

Who the EFF cares???


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