Eclipse, #TeamJacob

Even though I know how the story ends, I swear I’m Team Jacob. Even though he’s childish and tempermental and volatile. I <3  Jakeypoo! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE how ‘IN LOVE’ Bella and Edward are, but they are so mushy its disgusting.

Eclipse was suuuccchhh a better movie than New Moon. But then again, New Moon was a horrible book- filled with Bella’s brooding and crying. That’s the great problem the creators of the movies have to deal with. I say that because these books are a bunch of teenage angst, so to take that and make it a motion picture that people swoon over is awesome talent. But New Moon was too heavy on special effects to make up for the weak story line.

Eclipse had a story line + some action so it just HAD to be a better movie- right? I mean, I’m not a die-hard Twilight fanatic, but here are a list of my pros and cons for the flick:

My cons::
One thing I didn’t enjoy was the way they ‘disposed’ of the vampires. Really though- they were hard concrete?? It was like breaking dishes.. Not cool.

Jacob always had a dramtic entrance. I mean, seriously? Does he need a surprising head turn for each entrance? For EVERY one of his scenes? And someone give this boy a shirt. This is kiddie porn.

Hate bella’s engagement ring.

The fight scenes are over so quick


I loovvee how creepy Jasper is. He is amusing

Loved her graduation speech.
 Can’t remember if that was in the book..

I don’t rememeber Jane having that role in this movie .. I might have to reread the book.. But I don’t remember her being in the clearing or even watching the newborns wreck havoc. #whoknows

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