I’ve got you Pegged ;)

One day I awake to a text instructing me to look up Pegging. Now, being the curious journalist that I am, of course this is the first thing I did when I finally climbed out of bed. Google had many different links and after finding a forum and reading the handy urban dictionary I texted back:

” so.. Um.. Let me get this right, pegging is a woman doing a man with a strap on. ”


I was completely not expecting that. And I wanted to tread lightly because this text came from someone I like. I didn’t want to offend him if this was something he was into (which he is NOT! *whew*). I guess we learn something new everyday, and the world of sex is constantly changing as people become more sex obsessed at younger ages. Maybe I’m boring  because I’m not into group sex and other variations of sex that exist these days… When I hear of things like this so many questions come to my mind

For instance:
1. How do you introduce this into a completely hetero sexual relationship?

2. How does a man determine he potentially might like this? Or does a woman happen to think, ‘hhmm.. I wanna ass rape my husband. I wonder how he might like it..’

3. Does this mean that the guy might potentially have homosexual tendencies? And how does this go with what people say about men actually liking a little anal stimulation?
seee.. I could just go on and on and I’m not joking…I’m really trying to get a feel for how this comes to fruition.

On the forum I discovered there was a girl interested in trying it on her present lover. I immediately got a flashback to the episode of Sex in the City where Charlotte proclaims ” I don’t want to be Mrs. UptheButt.. No one marries the up the butt girl” ..

Now forever this man is going to be Mr. UptheButt ..


I didn’t post a pic because they were too explicit and I, of course, am very PG. I am here to inform, not corrupt the babies. Gotta love the babies!

2 thoughts on “I’ve got you Pegged ;)

  • wlk

    Was the person in question watching Real Sex on HBO? I happened to be flipping through the channels last night and this was one of their segments!

  • I’ve recently been introduced to strap-on play with my boyfriend… he’s absolutely LOVES it, which I didn’t 100% expect. BUT, the biggest surprise is how much I enjoy it…

    It gives you a sense of power.. Role reversal is an amazing thing and can be transforming.

    I found this website for strap-on lovers. It’s like a social network for people just like us!!

    It’s http://www.SocialPegging.com/

    oh yea, it’s free too!

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