Cuz you aint human with out fear . . .

*sigh* This song has been on my mind for a few days now. FEAR. How many people are ready and willing to admit what they fear?And I’m not talking, fear of heights and spiders. I’m talking when was the last time you thought about the fears Jazz Sull is talking about (by the way, when is her next album coming out??)

I recently acqiured a composition notebook and labeled it ‘The Book of Truths … or my version of it’

My first entry was about fear. Fear of letting go. I can be pretty lackadaisical about many things in life, and I am for the most part .. but I’m very guarded. I fear letting that guard down. Many people think they know me because I share trivial stories about my day to day life (which can be pretty entertaining and amusing in my own small sort of way) but not many know about the nuts and bolts of Cleo.. and I’m scared of that. Being vulnerable is one of the hardest positions to put yourself in. At least to me. So the next entry .. while on a totally different topic tackled fear of a whole different nature. It’s amazing how many of life’s problems can be attributed to fear. When was the last time you asked yourself, what am I scared of? Is it possible to be scared of success and greatness? Fear doesn’t always hold you back, it sometimes catches you when you least expect it. Fear prevents you from letting go of long time friends and habits. Fear can prevent you from taking a detour in life that may show you a better route. Fear can cause you to constantly compare yourself to others. They aren’t scaring you, you’re scaring yourself.

I vow to tackle my fears (slowly) one by one.  I feel like we’re constantly calling ourselves ‘A work in Progress’. When have you met someone who said I love me, allll of me flaws and all? Well, I love who I am. Who I’ve become. I’m not a work in progress. I am progress.

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