Fashion Fix: Raphael Young

So … it’s been a while since I’ve done a shoe post … and these are THE perfect way to bring back shoes .. I low-key love fall because 1. the weather is awesome when its not raining because its not so humid. I love the brisk air in autumn .. and I LOOVVEE cute boots! In case you need a refresher, some of the MUST have for me in shoes are platform, 4 inch heels, and FUNKY! I love something that’s just a little different, after all shoes can make or break an outfit!

Meet Raphael Young’s Autumn/Winter collection.  I don’t know who this Paris based designer is, but I am into it. He has a big fall collection too, but here are my 3 favs.

1. If I could wear thigh highs, these would be MINE. I’m freaking drooling! Platform: CHECK. 4 inch + heel : CHECK … *drool*

2. Me + these boots + straight leg jeans= PERFECTION. I neeeeeeeeeeeedd these .. more than I need to pay rent in September. #imjustsaying.The ONLY thing that could make me LOVE this shoe more would be if it had a rugged sole, almost cleat like .. it’d be  wrap from there …

3. Blue? Ya’ll know I love blue (despite the bright pink background). I love this bootie (my 2nd favorite shoe style). I’m looking for a bootie to add to the rotation this winter. These shall do JUSSTTTTTTT fine!

Here is where you can  check the rest of the collection online. I have no info on how to purchase or pricing yet, because their website is still on the way. They have an email contact, but I don’t know if I’m ready to take that leap yet into emailing them. But oh my I sure would!

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