Positively Splendiforus!

Lately, I’ve just been an uber positive person living by the motto, things will work out. I used to (and occasionally still) fret about the “what ifs” and “what could be’s” but why? What good will it do? Now, I’m not constantly worried about the small things or the whys and hows. I’m more at peace with myself and the world I’m in.  I want to enjoy the good moments in life and focus on them instead of tarnishing them with thoughts of how it could be better or why it isn’t another way, or even how quickly it could change.

I have to say that I have @Jess_Dubb to thank for my amazingly new positive outlook on life… In junction with all the good things that have happened to me (like a new job) Dubb has always given positive yet REAL advice and comments when we chat. And reading her blog is always inspiring because she’s open and honest about herself on her blog. We used to have these bbm convos where I would be incessantly worrying about things I had no control over. For what! Dubb would make me realize I was only harming myself by worrying. I am sooo appreciative of that. It allows me to just enjoy the good in life. And you know what, life is good! Even if I don’t have everything I could want. I have all that I need and by having a positive outlook I’m opening myself up for more good to come. (Do I sound like a groupie? ) Although we don’t talk as much these days I still <3 Dubb. And one day we shall parlay all over the ATL, NYC, or even better Cali!

I find myself trying to share these good spirits with friends and others and that makes it even better! Check out these two posts by the big homie Diq and see if you can figure out where my influence comes in. I’m happy that my friend has discovered an outlet in blogging and hopes she keeps it up!

-Summer Stage = Success

Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known

Can you guess?

Let me not pretend I don’t get angry or frustrated or annoyed. I do.. But its fleeting. I’m very content to just be. When things go wrong (and they have) I know someone / something will work out. I think about a quote my friends mom said a long time a go. “It’ll all be OK in the end. If its not OK, its not the end. ” #wordstoliveby

One thought on “Positively Splendiforus!

  • Horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Positivity makes everything better, even if things stay the same. I’m glad you’re not sweating the small stuff. I hate we don’t talk as much, I think it has a little something to do with my 12 hour work day lol…blame grad school–i do. Anywho keep up the good thoughts, Lady! I didn’t do a think it was alllllll you!

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