Blackberry Files 2.1

Yet another post lost in the sauce of a Blackberry memo … they all come to light eventually. This one is a few weeks old…

1. Reggie Bush. I tweeted “I feel bad for Reggie Bush .. I blame Kim Kardashian .. He shoulda stayed under the radar instead of dating a fame whore #imjustsaying lol” I think a lot of this is similar to the Vick case.. He didn’t know. If he did accept gifts and other monetary things while attending USC, I think he really didn’t know. Doesn’t excuse him, because I’m sure he had to sign on somebodies dotted line, but apparently no one reads the fine print anyways..

2. Twitter is why I don’t blog so much anymore. No longer do I need to log-in to wordpress, do a bunch of steps.. I can go on random tirades about nothing in several 140 character or less blurbs. I’m sorry loves. I’m trying to do better. I am.

3. You can ban burqas?? Maybe this is how truly American I am, but it stung me to realize that France is violating and not keeping church and State separate (not that we Americans do such a good job) but its crazy. As much as we may disagree with aspects of Muslim culture, its not fair to ban it, or is it? I need to do more research on this when I have some spare moments.

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