Single Black Female, addicted to retail “/

‘Single black female, addicted to retail’ my friend had this as her BBM status and immediately I knew the Kanye lyric .. and immediately related, in probably a not good way.

As I pillaged through my closet over the weekend I realized my own addiction to retail.  And I realized who my enabler was, Salé. Better know to the masses as  SALE.

How many times are we like oh no! I have to get to “XXXXX” before this great sale ends? I know that I am guilty of this, and it was extremely apparent as I looked at a pair of old DKNY jeans I had thrown in a bag to take advantage of gaps ‘denim recycling sale’. Bring in your old jeans and get 30% off a pair of new gap jeans.  I was soo excited to take advantage of this. I love the pair of Gap jeans I have. So, I went into gap over the weekend and they actually were offering 40%off jeans sans donation.  I didn’t buy any however.

Then I thought of my Macy’s coupons that I was sad I didn’t get to use before the expiration date, the sadness was quickly averted when I opened my mailbox last week to four NEW coupons. It made me stop and say, dude. there is always gonna be another ‘great sale’ around the corner. It really is true. And the reality is that I’m buying a bunch of things I probably don’t need for the sake of the sale. What has the sale ever gotten me(besides strapped?) Most of the things I absolutely love and adore (ie those Rachel Roy pumps) I am willing to pay full price for! Or the pair of Steve Madden boots I’m about to fill you in on.

Someone said , or I read somewhere, its not really a sale if you don’t need it. And I can now see that this is true… And that’s why I didn’t rush back to gap (even though I do neeeed jeans) for a pair of jeans. I mean, who needs $40 jeans when I can wear $6 leggings on the weekend? #imjustsaying?

The fact of the matter is I’m a product of my environment where we love to shop and around every corner is an opportunity to spend money. I need to exercise my right to say no!

2 thoughts on “Single Black Female, addicted to retail “/

  • The therapist in me wants to ask you, “What are you buying?” The friend in me wants to ask, Ooooooh girl what’d you buy? See the difference? LOL

  • Cleo

    I do see the difference !!! Well, i can freely admit, that a lot of times I buy a bunch of things to satisfy a temporary need. I have been guilty of “retail therapy’ and I know its bad. In fact, its the reason I have clothes that i don’t love in my closet or things that we bought for just one occassion and have never seen the light of day after that. I need to do better.

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