The hills are alive . . .

“Doe, a deer. A female Deer”

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Last night I had the opportunity to see * drumroll please* The Sound of Music for the FIRST time. Ever in life. The lovely ladies @KittyBradshaw, @Divasanddorks & @OsoChic and I settled in for an Anniversary showing @ the IMAX Theater on 34th street with free popcorn *yay*  ( FYI: Me & D&D popped our Sound of Music cherries together! ) We saw people dressed as Nuns and people were singing along (it was like Karaoke) and reciting the lines before they came out the mouths, and I loved every minute of it!

I can see why this movie is one of the most popular musicals of all time, the songs are simplistically divine.   I knew songs that I didn’t know I knew from the movie.I didn’t know “My favorite things” was in this movie and I just absolutely LOVED the good night song. Little Gretl, so cute! And Leisl’s blue eyes were intoxicating!

Can I tell you what I loved most about this movie? The underlying political tones surrounding Austria in the late 1930s. You guys do know that I am a big Holocaust geek and I just wasn’t prepared for this sullen second half (which is based on the true story of  the Von Trapp family singers, although further research shows they didn’t actually escape through the hills). I happened to Google it today and read up on the infamous family HERE .  The father, Captain von Trapp actually had Italian citizenship as well and they family took a train to Italy. Eventually they landed in the US where they eventually relocated to  Vermont, and opened a lodge (that’s still open).

Have you seen the movie? I think that anyone can enjoy it, I mean, I’m definitely not the intended audience from 1965 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3 thoughts on “The hills are alive . . .

  • can we talk about this major failure in your life ? LOL they were all just on Oprah too…we need a talk about classic american culture and tivoing the big-O

  • Cleo

    I know .. I am so behind in classic American culture .. I’m playing catch up! I do need to start dvr’ing O .. I mean, this is my last chance! Her final season!!! I’m setting it right now!

  • onebaddboo

    This was a great movie. I havent seen it in a while but I remember it vaguely as being something I enjoyed. I’ve never done the research on the actual family members… great link to read!!

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