The past is the past ..

Yesterday on twitter I realized what day it was .. see the tweets ..

@Cleosunshine: Damn today is 10-05 … Wow .. Woulda been me an the ex’s __ anniversary … Oh well.. Onward is the only forward ..

@Cleosunshine: Its crazy what you think when your stupid in love.. I thought I’d never get over that relationship .. But I was wrroonnggg lmao

@Cleosunshine: Not only am I over it, I don’t look back!

It’s amazing how much a difference time actually makes. A year ago yesterday I was in a relationship with a guy I dealt with off and on since high school and I thought no matter what our ups and downs were that we would make it. I thought if this love didn’t work out I’d be alone forever. Isn’t it crazy? We get so caught up in the person and/or our situation that we forget our own greatness.

Since then I’ve developed a personal style that reflects me, lost about twenty pounds, and gained self-confidence. Am I perfect? Abso-freaking-lutely NOT! But I love who I am .. and I embrace the past that got me here. So, I guess this is really a thank you because without you, I wouldn’t have realized I deserve more

I like to think the core of who I am was still there a year ago, and maybe it was .. but now I think I’m more free and willing to express that. I’m happy, silly, and sometimes a little dark and twisty and I refuse to let someone else steal that thunder. I have a certain patience mixed with a little neurosis that I happen to love. And I embrace the people in my life, even the ones who’ve roles have faded as time has went on. 

And HELLO?? have you seen the post from Date Night??? * swoons* Who has time to reminisce over the past when the present and possible future is right there in front of you??

2 thoughts on “The past is the past ..

  • onebaddboo

    “We get so caught up in the person and/or our situation that we forget our own greatness.”

    I think you can say that 50/11 times and people STILL won’t get it, REALLY REALLY get it, until they’ve lived it. The fear of being alone and having to rediscover yourself sometimes (because often times you’ve dealt with that person for YEARS) it a hard thing to want to face, myself included.

    To know you’re in a much better place is a great thing though, I’m sure it wasn’t easy but it must be GREAT to be standing where you are… CONGRATS.

  • Cleo

    Thanks boo!! You’re right, it can be repeated over and over again yet people still won’t get it. Hell, we didn’t get it until we did it!

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