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SO.. the other day I had the brilliant idea for my future son’s name. In the past I was absolutely in love withe name Quincy or Quinton (I wanted him to be called Q and be HOT like Omar Epps in Love & Basketball LMAO). But last night I decided (unless my future husband in against it) that I want my son to be named after my uncles. I do want a junior as well, so if my husband is able to convince me to have multiples then I can use both. My uncles names are Glenn Tracy and Spencer Eric. Now of course that is four names and I wont use all four, so I’m thinking my child’s name will be Glenn Eric or Eric Glenn. I love the name Glenn, even though we call him Uncle Tracy. Growing up he had a motto, “If you swole, say you swole,” for when you had an attitude and wanted to pretend things were OK.  He’s lived in Utah for the past like ten years – I know right, who lives in Utah???My uncle Eric, he has passed away. He was just a silly man, all my family calls him Eggie (because he had an egg head) and I love the relationship he had with my grandmother. He was always there to do things for her around the house when no one else was.  So I told my grandmother my idea and she said, “Oh really, when you going to get started?” and I had to tell her she at LEAST 5 years to go and I need to find this future husband first. #goodtimes.

One thought on “Baby Names . . .

  • husband..minor deets. I think naming your kid for a sentimental reason as such is a great idea, be willing to hear his too though, who knew men cared so much about names lol

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