Crackberry Anonymous…

So.. I reached a point where its time to break up with my phone. I will gladly admit that I’m addicted to my phone and its always within reach.. But after this weekend, I realize maybe I shouldn’t gladly admit that.

The Event:

A slip and fall in the shower that resulted in bruising of my arm and a broken towel rack. Blackberry was ringing and I wanted to see who it was. Part of this anxiousness to see who it was, was due to the fact I was hoping it was a certain gentleman caller (it was not). So not only did I still answer the phone after the slip – while hanging half out the tub- it wasn’t a fully gratifying conversation. So now, I not only have no where to hang my towels my arms are still sore.  🙁  #fail . And I wasn’t home alone so there are people to bear witness to the tragedy of my clumsiness.

Moral of the story. Cut back on my blackberry obsession. Usually I don’t take it in the bathroom with me, and maybe there’s good reason.

Anyone else with a seemingly similar phone #fail?

4 thoughts on “Crackberry Anonymous…

  • this is how mine got wet that weekend! its only because my friend called 2x in a row and when people do that I assume something is wrong…she didn’t want shit and my phone was ruined. lesson learned.

  • Cleo

    haha I remember those days of no answering machine… Caller ID was like the best thing when we first got it too! Oh the good old days!

  • Jesse Hill

    I guess it is not the phone it is the anxiousness to see who’s calling.. Haha Right?

    Jesse Hill

  • Cleo

    That is the absolute truth! It’s definitely anxiousness over who is calling, especially if you are eagerly anticipating hearing from someone…

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