Shoe Score!!! OMG

It was a shoe sign from above. Like when the heavens open up and the light gleams down on that must have item type of sign.

A sporadic trip to DSW introduced me to the Zigi SoHo … Can you say 6 inch heel and 2 inch platform. NUDE lace!!! OMG I’m in love love LOVE! Then it was told to me Zigi SoHo has a store right in NYC .. in you guessed it: SOHO!!! (for all you non-NY’ers, that means South of Houston {house-ton, not Houston like Texas}).

Can I say I cannot wait to wear these! I mean, look at them in the store! Can you imagine them with skinny jeans? I tried them on again when I got home with jeggings (#dontjudge) and a brown turtleneck and I liked it, a LOT!
Can you see the buzzer on the shoe lol. The price was RIGHT on these shoes too. Allegedly they retail for $90, but were 69.95 at DSW and I was the lucky coupon holder for $15 off.  (Please note I took this pics on my blackberry WHILE on the phone lol)

I happened to be on the phone with @Jess_Dubb while perusing the aisles of DSW and I made her Google these shoes when I walked up on them. Even before I tweeted the pictures she said get them. She knew that once I had the shoe on my foot it was over. I mean, when you try on the shoe, its so hard to walk away. I kid you not, I have never been able to walk away from a shoe after I’ve tried it on and loved them. IDK, shoe shopping is the only shopping that always has a positive reward and isn’t emotionally exhausting, like shopping for the PERFECT pair of jeans. DSW makes it easy because the shoes are on the floor, there is no waiting for a sales clerk to dig through the barracks of shoes to bring you a shoe that may not fit perfectly. Anywho …

This is what I do with shoes when I get home:

* I’m swooning * If you don’t have a DSW near you, you can also locate MJM shoes, its the same type of store with similar discounts. I am a frequent bargain shopper and I make no qualms about it! I have no shame in asking a sales girl if there is a sale or potential coupon. I will wait a few weeks for a sale ( as you know from my previous blog post about my addiction to retail!!!)

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